Search Engine Optimisation

Enabling your website to have greater prominence in Google and other search engines.

Commonly known in its shortened form of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving a website’s organic (non-paid for) position in the results page of search engines such as Google. Generally speaking the higher your ranking position is on the results page, the greater chance of your website being selected and, therefore, attracting more traffic.

The most important objective is for your website to be placed as high as possible on the first page of search engine results for a variety of keywords that a potential visitor types in.

Cost effective way to promote your company online

Having effective SEO does not need to be costly. Engaging the services of someone who has expert knowledge (that’s us by the way!) will certainly make your website more SEO worthy. The associated costs will be dwarfed by the value it delivers.

Attract more visitors to your website

If potential customers cannot find your site, then your best efforts at offering the greatest services and products will be in vain. Creating a great website is an essential investment, but only if you put effort into promoting it.

Using SEO is undoubtably a sure way of boosting your visibility in Google and receiving those precious click-throughs.

A website appealing to visitors and search engines

We focus on how visitors and search engines engage with your website. Is the visitor experience slick and intuitive? Is the content compelling and engaging, reflecting the right keywords and structure? Lastly, is all the technical stuff that you don’t see coded and set up efficiently?

We ensure these factors are met, so that your visitors won’t click away with haste to another competitor.

Stay ahead of your competition

Having effective SEO that forms part of your marketing mix gives you an advantage over your competitors. When visitors are presented with a clear, crisp site with relevant content, you will be richly rewarded.

Achieve better conversion rates

An optimised website should be quick, straightforward to use and readily compatible on all internet enabled devices. These outcomes are very likely to transcend into increased conversions. Ultimately the results will translate into visitors buying and subscribing to your offerings. The result is happy and loyal customers.



Brand awareness

If your website appears high in the pecking order of Google for certain targeted keywords, this gives your website greater exposure for your brand. Apart from those keywords being associated with your business, companies on the first page are generally viewed as being more genuine, creating an element of trust.

Simply put, the more pages your company features highly, the greater publicity that will positively affect your brand value.



‘Doing SEO’ to your website is not an exercise done once and then forgotten about. Adopting that approach will be a sure way to slip down the rankings and into oblivion. SEO is a continuous effort that requires constant thought and effort to ensure that your company has a competitive online edge.

If you are not investing in SEO, you can be sure that soon enough your competitors will be.

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