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We take pride in building aesthetically pleasing websites that achieve a measurable purpose and produce results for your business.
Mobile-112 If you are looking to build a website to promote what you do best, be it blogging, promoting, selling services or setting up an online shop, James Dean Digital can certainly help you.

We primarily build websites using WordPress, the most used web building platform that accounts for over 20% of the world’s websites. Using WordPress allows us to incorporate premium design features, be receptive to search engines and will look beautiful on all internet enabled devices. Moreover, WordPress is very user-friendly for owners to manage and maintain their website content.

Tablet-112 What about making a stunning online shop to sell your great products or services? James Dean Digital can create that website to showcase your products effectively and achieve more sales.

We take into account the complexities required by e-commerce sites, such as the booking path, buyer behaviour, product information, pricing, inventory management, delivery costs, checkout flow, payment handling and security. These are just some of the factors that need to be considered before a shopping site can be pushed live.

Just like building a house, a carefully considered design and well-planned construction is hugely important to produce a robust, functional and visually appealing website. Our site architecture is underpinned with rock solid code, up to date methods and safe technologies that are vital for success. Furthermore, we vigorously test on a wide range of devices to ensure that your site looks fantastic no matter how or where it is viewed.

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